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Are Soaring Growth Estimates Already Priced In?

GDP Growth is expected to soar based on vaccination progress, consumer recovery and an easy comparison with last year. With a fresh run of stimulus checks delivered, or about to be delivered, and pandemic fatigue rampant, it isn’t hard to imagine at least a mini-boom over the next several quarters, leading to improved earnings and […]

Stocks Remain a Prisoner of Interest Rates

The stock market is following the bond market like a puppy. Rates down? Buy growth stocks. Rates up? Buy reflation stocks. U.S. growth estimates are rising, but they are falling in other developed markets. Unless something changes, rates are probably going nowhere. The economic experience in the U.S. compared with Europe and much of Asia […]

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Can the Infrastructure Lure Finally Catch Some Funding?

Infrastructure should be an easy bipartisan issue. How we pay for it is a big sticking point. Getting a bill passed will not be easy. There are few issues that have been discussed as consistently as infrastructure, but with no meaningful result. Most recently, infrastructure was a key pillar of the Trump agenda, but it […]

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